Common questions

System requirements

It is recommended to use the latest versions of PHP and WordPress for the best performance of plugin. However, Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and it's add-ons can operate on PHP 5.3 and all later versions and WordPress 3.5 and later versions.

Where can I get more information on starting the work with Shortcodes Ultimate?

We wrote a series of articles and published it in Getting Started category of our Knowledge base to make it easier for you to master the plugin quick and to start working with it. You also can find many informative videos on YouTube.

I would like to create a new plugin based on Shortcodes Ultimate

You're welcome! Just open the project page at GitHub and click "Fork" button.

Want to create a premium-plugin on the basis of Shortcodes Ultimate? No problem! GPL license and plugin's author enable you to do it. But, you should keep in mind that development and support of free plugins are very labor-intensive. If your product based on Shortcodes Ultimate code is profitable don't forget to support the author by purchasing one or several premium add-ons.

I make a review of plugin. Can I get a free copy of premium add-ons?

Yes, you can. Send us a message from this page and specify your name and the site where your review will be posted.


Where can I find user agreement?

You can find the following important documents on our site: Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy.

What do I need the license key for?

With purchase of the license key for any paid add-ons of Shortcodes Ultimate you'll be able to enable automatic updates. Besides, you'll get access to personal technical support (by email).

How long is the license key valid?

License keys do not have time limitations.

Where can I find my license keys?

You can always restore your license keys and download links by visiting Restore Purchase page and following instructions.

Can I upgrade my license key?

Yes. If you need to upgrade your license, just purchase license that you want to upgrade to and send us both order numbers. Then we'll refund the first payment.

Reporting bugs

Where can I report on detected bug?

If you've found the bug in the core-plugin you can open an issue at GitHub. If you've found the bug in one of paid add-ons we recommend you to open new support ticket.

What should I specify in a bug report?

You should specify the following data in your bug report:

  • link to page with detected bug;
  • WordPress version of your site;
  • name of your active theme and download link for this theme;
  • list of active plugins on your site.

Integration with plugins and themes

Can I integrate Shortcodes Ultimate core plugin in my theme or plugin?

You can use Shortcodes Ultimate plugin in your free and premium themes and plugins - for FREE. It is strongly recommended to do it only with the help of TGM Plugin Activation script. This article will guide you through the process.

It's very simply to change the plugin functionality, remove default shortcodes and add your own ones. In Developers documentation section you can find answers to all popular questions.

Can I integrate premium add-ons in my free theme or plugin?

You cannot use premium add-ons of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin in your free themes or plugins.

Can I integrate premium add-ons in my premium theme or plugin?

You can use premium add-ons in your premium plugins and themes. To use premium add-ons in your premium plugins and themes you should buy a license for unlimited number of sites. Please read this article to learn more about integration of add-ons to premium plugins and themes.