How to use new skins

First of all, you should install add-on. You can find information on installation in How to install add-on article. After add-on installation and activation, new skins will be added to shortcode settings, during insertion of post to the editor.

Take the following steps to use new styles:

  1. Open the dashboard;
  2. Create new post or page;
  3. Press "Insert shortcode" button;
  4. Select one of the following shortcodes: Heading, Spoiler, Tabs, Quote;
  5. Find Style setting and select one of the new styles from drop-down list.

Cleaning of plugin cache

If add-on was installed correctly, then "Additional skins successfully installed" inscription will appear under Style field, as shown on screenshot below. If it did not happen, you should clean plugin cache. To do this, just open plugin setting page using the following path: Dashboard - Shortcodes - Settings. Don't press any buttons, just open this page. Then repeat five above mentioned steps.