How to use new shortcodes

First of all, you should install the add-on. Information on installation can be found in "How to install add-on" article. After installation and activation of add-on, new shortcodes will appear in "Insert shortcode" window. You will be able to insert them similar to original shortcodes of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

Besides, the site dashboard will contain documentation on new shortcodes. You can find examples of shortcode usage following the path: Dashboard - Shortcodes - Examples. Information on new shortcodes will be added also to cheat sheet, which can be found at: Dashboard - Shortcodes - Cheatsheet.

You can filter new shortcodes by choosing "Extra set" filter in "Insert shortcode" window as shown on screenshot below.

Cleaning of plugin cache

If new shortcodes did not appear in "Insert shortcode" window, then you should clean the plugin cache. To do this, just open the plugin settings page at: Dashboard - Shortcodes - Settings. Don't press anything, just open this page. Refresh post edition page after cleaning the plugin cache.