Modification of original shortcodes

Use su/data/shortcodes filter to modify original shortcodes. Default shortcodes are presented as a multidimensional array. You can find shortcodes array in /wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/inc/core/data.php file.

Put the following code into your theme functions.php file.

Example: modification of attributes

add_filter( 'su/data/shortcodes', 'add_custom_button_style' );

 * Filter to modify original shortcodes data.
 * @param array   $shortcodes Default shortcodes
 * @return array Modified array
function add_custom_button_style( $shortcodes ) {

	// Remove all default styles before adding custom one
	$shortcodes['button']['atts']['style']['values'] = array();

	// Add new button style
	$shortcodes['button']['atts']['style']['values']['custom-style'] = 'Custom style';

	// Remove target attribute
	unset( $shortcodes['button']['atts']['target'] );

	// Return modified data
	return $shortcodes;